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Our Team

Meet Your Skin's "Estie-Bestie"!

Meet Our Team : Meet the Team

Amy Carr

RN, Licensed Aesthetician

Amy is an RN, Licensed Aesthetician, and owner of Skin-Centered day spa. She has over 13 years of combined experience as a professionally licensed skin specialist, dermatology nurse, and medical-surgical nurse. Starting from her early teen years, Amy has always been extremely passionate about skin, skincare, and helping others feel more confident about themselves. Utilizing her wealth of knowledge and experience, Amy believes in a holistic approach to caring for her clients; as this combines forms of naturopathic, modern, traditional, scientific, and clinical methods for assessment and care of an individual from a "whole-person" perspective. 

Here at Skin-Centered, Amy values providing her clients with a safe and professional; yet laid back and fun atmosphere while they learn about the importance of caring for their largest organ, along with having their individual skincare goals met with a unique, fun, and positive experience. 

Amy considers herself a "forever student" and is dedicated to ongoing continuing education to ensure she stays up to date on the latest, and best, ingredients and treatments to meet her client’s skin needs. Amy also believes self-care isn’t selfish at all, as it's important to invest in caring for yourself if you expect to look and feel your best, if you want to have the best quality of life.

 "I'm passionate about helping my clients look and feel their best, while gaining their most healthy skin, no matter what age. Taking care of yourself and your skin is a lifelong commitment, just like taking care of your oral health, mental health, and overall body, mind, and spiritual health. The first step is taking your skin health seriously and making the decision to invest in your skin's care. I'm here to help be your guide, your mentor, and your skin's best friend. Together we will make a plan and take action to meet your individual skincare goals. As an Aesthetician and Registered Nurse, with a background in medical-surgical and dermatology nursing, I'm able to help with multiple various skin conditions and concerns such as aging, acne, pigmentation, scarring, and more! 

I would love to be your skin's “estie-bestie” and help you achieve your skincare goals for beautiful, healthy, radiant skin- at any and every age!" 

                                                                             ~Amy Carr, RN, LE

** At Skin-Centered, along with Very Well KC, we believe in providing a welcoming, safe,

no-judgement, calm, and caring environment...a healing space for anyone and everyone. **

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